Stay Humble.
❝ Search for your heart in three situations: When the recitation of the Qur’aan is heard, in the gatherings where Allaah is remembered and in times of seclusion. If you do not find your heart in these situations, then ask Allaah to grant you a heart, for indeed you do not have a heart. ❞

— Abdullah ibn Ma’sood (radhiAllahu ‘anhu) [Al-Fawaa-id, page. 213-221 (via idayumumtaz)


If calamities are what keep you close to God, are these trials not also a mercy from your Lord?

❝ No amount of physical beauty will ever be as valuable as a beautiful heart. ❞

— Saad Tasleem (via quietmuslimah)

❝ … It is as Allah has pleased, there is no power but with Allah ❞

— The Noble Qur’an | Surah Al-Kahf [18:39] (via islamreflection)

❝ It is difficult to be patient, but to waste the reward for patience is worse. ❞

— Abu Bakr (RA)

❝ Whether you conceal what is in your hearts or bring it into the open, God knows it: for He knows all that is in the heavens and all that is on earth; and God has the power to will anything. ❞

— Sūrat ali-Imrān, verse 29 (via pearlsfromthepath)

❝ سوى الله ؛ لا تتكئ على أحد حتى لا تقع . ❞

— Except Allah, dont lean on anyone as you will fall.  (via becoming-awkward)

❝ He who repents for his sin is as one who has never sinned. ❞


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Source: Uyun Akhbar al-Ridha (a.s.)

❝ If Allah guides you to remember Him, it’s a sign that He loves you. ❞

— Ali Ibn Abi Talib r.a (via dawahforallah)

❝ Stand firm against injustice even if it be against yourself. ❞

— The Qur’an: 4:135 (via muslimahbyheart)

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